Whoa! It's been two years!!

Bethany Lynch on August 31, 2014

Two years!


I spent almost all of 3 hours last night organizing pictures back to 2012! That was just pictures I've taken with my phone. I haven't even started on pictures with my real camera. My main lense broke over a year ago so unfortunately there are not as many of those. I will do my best to keep updating albums on here and blog a few times a month. 

Briefly, in the past two years, Lee started a new job after staying home with the kids for a almost 18 months. We moved a long two miles down the road to a fantastic house in a cul-de-sac. Our neighbors literally drag firepits, grills, tvs, and every ride-on toy known to man out several times a year for some awesome fun. There are 15 kids between the 7 houses so a few times we've even mixed up Caitlin with our neighbor's daughter with so many kids, adults, bikes, etc., out there (in our defense, they are 2 weeks apart with identical blonde curly hair!).

Kai has started Kindergarten, and it was AWESOME! I was definitely a little sad he is growing so fast but we LOVED his school (half-day K at the same preschool we've been at for 2 1/2 years) and ADORED his teacher. He literally read over 200 books this summer and last so yeah, they've done an excellent job at fostering his desire for knowledge. He has played soccer two seasons. The first doesn't really count. It was 4 and 5 years olds (and some illegal 3 year-olds)...so really it was like ants on a watermelon. Lee assistant coached and coaching was a bit like herding cats, he said. The next season was better but the boy decided he doesn't like getting sweaty. Yeah, he said swimming was more up his alley. Little does he know you sweat more in swimming and it's not just splashing around the pool. We couldn't fit swim team in this summer, partly because we were finishing up spring soccer and starting Tae Kwon Do. I was really hesitant, but a friend of our's gave us an 8 week voucher. I wasn't sure he'd even like it, and I don't think I would've ever tried it, especially without the amazing voucher. Boy is it expensive! It blows Caitlin's dance lessons out of the water! Anyway, another reason I was hesitant to try it was he hated soccer "practice." He said he knew how to kick a goal...so what was the point?! {sigh} I truly imagined he'd be bored the first week with all of the intense repetition and practice and Tae Kwon Do. Man oh man, was I wrong! It is a lot of practice...and repetition...but they are always learning a new kick on top of the old kicks or a new series of steps that have to be perfected to move on. He is quite the perfectionist (ahem, stereotypical firstborn, OCD, has to get it right, has to be perfect, self as his worst critic, stubborn, I mean). We are coming up on six months of lessons and last week is the first time ever that he asked to stay home and rest. Some week we have gone 5-6 nights a week and he begs to stay and watch the next class. With school starting back I can see his focus lessen slightly, but he still usually gets in trouble nightly for practicing TKD all the way up the steps instead of getting ready for bed quickly. First grade is going super well, by the way! He's at a new school and LOVES it. He had a rough weekend after the first week from being so exhausted but he admitted school was way more fun than home at the moment :)

Caitlin. I still struggle to find the words to describe that girl. She is everything from talented, artistic, creative, adorable, extremely helpful so sassy, over emotional, over dramatic, tearful, overly sensitive, did I say overly emotional?! The girl is gifted! I am still convinced she will be an actress. She is the only extrovert in the family and she makes up for the other three of us! Supper consists nightly of everyone finishing before her (with only about 4-5 bites on her plate to begin with) and repetitions of "Caitlin, stop talking...Caitlin, stop singing...Caitlin, eat...Caitlin, EAT...stop talking!" No one ever believes me that she needed speech therapy! It took her awhile to come out of her shell but now there is no containing her!! Everyone loves her wherever we go, strangers in the grocery stop to comment on her cuteness and curly hair, teachers email me ahead of time about how excited they are to have her in their class and hope she stays for Kindergarten there like Kai. She has all of Frozen memorized and literally gravitates straight to the toy microphone or kareoke machine at the toy stoy. She rarely naps but still rests on her bed most days. Well, rest usually consists of setting up a party for her baby dolls or standing up and "performing" for her pretend princess friends in the pretend audience. Technically, she stays "on" her bed! I was slightly worried that she would miss Kai at school this year, but oh no! She is super excited to be Queen Bee and rule the playground. I'm pretty sure she will even have her teachers doing imaginary princess tea parties and birthday parties for "Clee-Chlo" (her favorite baby doll). Over the summer she had a room full of 8 or so adults hold an elaborate birthday party and everyone was required to have an assigned role so I'm pretty sure two fun-loving, super sweet preschool teachers stand no chance!

Enjoy the pictures! I'll probably add some older albums and newer albums. I loved seeing how much they've grown and how super cute they were the past couple of years!