Kai man!

Bethany Lynch on July 29, 2012

SO, life is full. Fuller than full. If I wished I could record half the stuff Kai said a year ago, I had no idea how much I'd wish I could record him now. He seriously cracks me up 90% of the time he's talking...and he talks non-stop. It's an uphill battle just to get him to stop talking while he eats, and he loves to eat. Not as much as Caitlin, but he's definitely the better eater...and talker. Even when he's in trouble, he cracks me up. It's so hard not to laugh when he says "No, mommy! That was a bad decision [to put me in time out]!" His thought processes seem to parallel our's half the time. The other half he's scheming even above our heads.

My little schemer. Oh, how he loves to plan. He has not lost his love for getting into mischief...only quieter and more stealthy at it. Let's just say he took full advantage of Lee falling asleep during naptime and spent about 30 minutes booby trapping our bathroom trying to make "pixie dust" so that he could fly in an emergency. He gets out of bed 0.01% of the time...except when he KNEW he was not on our radar. We've even taking to trying to really convince him that mommy's have eyes in the back of their heads. It's a survival skill in this house to have him belief that! It's not too hard to know when he's getting in trouble...and quiet...so I've busted him a couple of times without being in the same room. I love that amazed look on his face!!! And hope it buys me 15 more minutes without mischeviousness! Still to this day he plans his sequence of attack before you leave the room.

He is also the most consistently loving little boy. He knows exactly when I need a hug and knows exactly how to extend pre-bedtime by 15 more minutes by offering to rub my back. He loves kissing my check and rubbing my face. He asks for snuggle time and wants to share his blanket with me (as long as he gets to rub the "bridge" of the seam). He brings tears to my eyes by some of the questions he asks about Heaven and Creation and the Cross. He is totally awesome.

He really did not hit the super hero phase until just the past few months. We're pretty limited in what they watch, pretty much Disney Jr or Sprout, so he really has not even heard about them except from friends at school or cousins. I am not a huge super hero, commercialized toys kinda gal, but it's pretty stinking cute to watch him run around in his new cape and think he can tackle the world. It's just this blind, child like faith that makes me want to soak up his innocence. He is my protector and avenger and I am pretty sure that I have him convinced that he will always fit in my lap...even when he is taller than buildings!


Kai & the Clemson Tiger