Pistol Pete, I mean, Caitlin and Kai

Bethany Lynch on March 22, 2012

Wow. I'm embarrassed it's been so very long since I've posted. So very, very long. Last week was the first 7 days we have had as a family in 3 months. We have since moved to Greenville and are all here, finally. Lee is looking for a job and in his spare time is Mr. Dad. The kids are just eating him up, sometimes chewing and spitting him right back out, too!

Kai is now 4 and in the 95%tile stillllll! He's actually in the 50-75%tile for a 6 year old. Oy!! The kid is tall. Crazy tall. I can hardly pick him up in my arms and he is all legs in my lap. We found a new preschool down the road and he is thriving there. He insists on praying every single meal. He has started asking lots of questions about being in God's hands and how God created the world. Awesome stuff.

Caitlin. My dear Caitlin. She is a pistol of a strong-willed child. She will honestly wait us out for hours to get out of apologizing, out of dealing with the issue. A little later and she is cackling, giggling, tickling, jumping, spinning, and jabbering. She is one tough cookie. Too tough. Still curly and blonde and unruly :) Hair, that is. 

I will do my very best to post some more pictures tomorrow night!