It's begun!

Bethany Lynch on September 29, 2008

Well, Sundays are always hard because Kai misses most of his first nap so we can get to church.  By Sunday evening, he's usual a bit on the cranky side.  So yesterday evening we thought we'd put him down for a little catnap, even though he usually doesn't take one anymore.  After about 10 minutes of sobbing, he made it very clear that he was heartbroken over our actions and wanted no part of it.  I decided to go rescue him only to find him STANDING up in his crib.  All I could think of was, we're in trouble.  This is the kid who really hasn't pulled up to standing yet. 

However, he has become very proficient at sitting up from laying down.  The past few days he's started his nap by sitting right back up and at the end of each nap we've found him sitting up waiting for us.  Watch out, he's mobile!!