Whoa! It's been two years!!

Bethany Lynch on August 31, 2014

I spent almost all of 3 hours last night organizing pictures back to 2012! That was just pictures I've taken with my phone. I haven't even started on pictures with my real camera. My main lense broke over a year ago so unfortunately there are not as many of those. I will do my best to keep updating albums on here and blog a few times a month.  Briefly, in the past two years, Lee started a new job after staying home with the kids for a almost 18 months. We moved a long two miles down the road to...

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Kai man!

Bethany Lynch on July 29, 2012

SO, life is full. Fuller than full. If I wished I could record half the stuff Kai said a year ago, I had no idea how much I'd wish I could record him now. He seriously cracks me up 90% of the time he's talking...and he talks non-stop. It's an uphill battle just to get him to stop talking while he eats, and he loves to eat. Not as much as Caitlin, but he's definitely the better eater...and talker. Even when he's in trouble, he cracks me up. It's so hard not to laugh when he says "No, mommy! That...

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Happy Easter...in July

Bethany Lynch on July 22, 2012 Comments (40)

Ok, so time kinda got away from me. Rather, rushing away. Kai and Caitlin are growing like craaaaazy. Parents of 5-6 year olds ask if he already started kindegarten. Caitlin is outgrowing 3T pajamas. Oh, and she and Kai have the same waist size! Crazy! Well, I had every intention of posting regularly and more often. Seriously, I did. Like, back in March...when we did Easter pictures. They were so cute. I posted a couple on facebook but was going to make a collage for gifts. Since that's probably not going to happen, I figured I might as well celebrate again in...

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Sneak Peek

Bethany Lynch on March 24, 2012

More pictures to follow but here is special peek at a recent Easter bunny session...

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Pistol Pete, I mean, Caitlin and Kai

Bethany Lynch on March 22, 2012

Wow. I'm embarrassed it's been so very long since I've posted. So very, very long. Last week was the first 7 days we have had as a family in 3 months. We have since moved to Greenville and are all here, finally. Lee is looking for a job and in his spare time is Mr. Dad. The kids are just eating him up, sometimes chewing and spitting him right back out, too!Kai is now 4 and in the 95%tile stillllll! He's actually in the 50-75%tile for a 6 year old. Oy!! The kid is tall. Crazy tall. I can hardly...

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